Excelerate’s SatMax solution delivers seamless coverage on-board by enabling Satellite TV antennas to automatically switch if the signal is lost or suffering disruption.

User-Friendly Interface

The SatMax App is available on Desktop or Mobile and can give you an instant visualisation of which antennas on board are locked on or experiencing line-of-sight issues.

Manual Selection

Choose which antenna you would like to lock on to the satellite when more than one is available. SatMax can also operate in a fully automatic mode and is able to switch antennas quickly to deliver uninterrupted signal reception.

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Automatic Switching

If one of your Satellite-TV antennas has lost signal, SatMax will automatically switch to another antenna that is able to acquire & lock on to the satellite – delivering uninterrupted connectivity.


A redundant system can easily be put in place to prevent Satellite-TV reception disruption, in case one antenna loses signal due to poor environmental conditions, power outages, technical issues or mast blockage.

 Expert Integration

SatMax can be purchased as a stand-alone product and integrated in to your existing system. The SatMax device is further antenna agnostic, it can be used with every make and model.