Captains continually compare notes amongst our close knit user group concerning the services and technology we use. We required a more efficient setup than was supplied previously and Excelerate came highly recommended with their services being rated the best in this sector. Following another Captains experience with Excelerate and his high recommendations we naturally entered into conversations with Excelerate and a decision to move forward with them. Once the decision was made, the Excelerate team worked flexibly around our schedule, completing the installation in less than 48 hours from start to finish. The service was instantly up and running on completion of works in Nice Port and for our subsequent departure to our home berth in Monaco Port.

Since going live in Nice Port, during the journey back to Monaco and whilst moored in Monaco, every consistent test we run shows that Excelerate’s broadband service is precisely what was asked for and was promised. I’m pleased to report that this is now one less thing that I need to worry about when guests require an online experience that works

Sean Reed

Former Captain