Excelerate Group manages its own capacity on major satellite networks. Our team controls, monitors, and manages multiple satellite networks in real time.

Our service is tailored to your requirements and we offer flexible tariffs and scalable speeds that recognise seasonal and demand variances and because we don’t “cap” usage your costs are always predictable.

We have invested heavily in our network and provide an end-to-end solution of hardware supply, integration & network operation.

Whether a fully integrated system and service provision is required, or you are considering changing airtime providers, where additional hardware may not even be required, we are here to help.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced European Coverage – Ka, Ku and 4G roaming services
  • Huge Data Bundles – connecting everyone on-board
  • Fully Managed Service – change or pause your plan at anytime
  • Tailor Made – built around your individual needs
  • Compatibility – works with various satellite platforms
  • Vast Amount Of Hardware Options – suitable for all yacht sizes


We recommend utilising both Satellite and 4G services for optimum connectivity. Correctly managed, a combination of the two offers the most resilient & reliable solution matching user requirements to the right service, at the best possible price.

Network Coverage
Hardware Options to Suit All

Because Excelerate owns and manages its own satellite capacity, it understands at first hand why choosing the right size and brand of antenna is vital to obtaining great performance at sea, and what can happen if you don’t.

Unlike suppliers of hardware with no vested interest in managing network quality, it is our duty to be honest and upfront about expectations. Most expectations can be delivered if our customers are prepared to follow our expert advice although we are realistic and also understand that sometimes, due to physical space and budget limitations compromises have to be made. Where they are we will be honest about the effects and then we will help manage them and we can do that because we manage the whole process of hardware supply and integration, commissioning on the network and then managing the satellite network we deliver to your yacht every minute of the day, in real time.

NEW FOR 2018/19 – Joining our full range of Intellian fully stabilised VSAT and TV antennas Excelerate Marine are proud to introduce the Kymeta 70 CM Flat Panel Antenna. This thin, low profile antenna has no moving parts and may be the answer to concerns about space and aesthetics but we will advise you about its suitability once we understand your usage requirements. Also new is our 4G Max antenna with built in router and sim reader which can typically double the range of 4G onboard as well as improve the performance overall.

What makes us different?

As the leading and trusted critical communications provider to Government and the Emergency Services, failure to deliver is not an option in our world.

With our total commitment and attitude to ensuring continuous value and support our maritime customers are never left without the ability to communicate whether it be for leisure, business, entertainment or to support you in life threatening safety or security situations.

We have now extended our experience and expertise into the Maritime market where no other provider has these end to end credentials.

A different approach to broadband on board

Our aim is to deliver the best value solution possible to meet your requirement and budget. This is no different to the service we provide to our Emergency Services customers – many of which have been long-term partners for many years.

The word cheap doesn’t appear to exist with premium brand products but nor should it necessarily imply that it should be the most expensive – the compromise is called value and that is what we aim to provide – value for money. How cheap a product or solution is becomes irrelevant if it doesn’t work, is unreliable, is impossibly difficult to use or fails to get immediate support when support is needed.

Our absolute priority – it MUST work, it MUST meet your requirements and it MUST satisfy your right to enjoy value for money.


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