In order to create the most reliable cellular connection for our customers, we offer them the flexibility to choose the best option for their requirements. Our 4G service offers unrivalled fast and reliable service, with additional support when you need it.

  • Our 4G SIMs are network accredited and part of an official partnership with network operators, therefore you are guaranteed a reliable and consistent connection
  • Excelerate 4G allows you to roam on multiple networks anywhere in Europe. If the network you are connected to becomes congested, slow or there are better connections available, you will automatically be switched and connected to the best available network
  • There is no risk of running out of data and having to upgrade your plan. If you require additional data at any time, you can remotely add more when you need it. Perfect for when you have more guests on board
  • With the Excelerate’s business grade 4G SIM, you get a fully managed service. We monitor usage to ensure that you are getting the best value out of your contact and notify you when your data is getting low. If you need to increase or reduce your plan, you can do this on a month to month basis with ease
  • As we manage our own satellite network, you don’t have to worry about network-defined caps that can cause your broadband speeds to slow significantly. With the Excelerate’s business grade 4G service, you will always have a consistent connection

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing solution or don’t have any on-board, we can advise you on the best solution and install it quickly and easily.