What sets us apart?

When it comes to data roaming, most mobile network operators switch users to their preferred partner network (steered roaming). This means the SIM is forced to use that chosen network, even if the signal quality and connection is poor.

Excelerate’s unsteered roaming SIM, on the other hand, has no priority network and will seamlessly switch to the best available connection. This ensures significantly increased coverage, performance, reliability and added resilience.

Our SIM will only change networks when the mobile signal drops below a pre-determined threshold. As a result, your device will always connect to the strongest signal available.

Additional benefits

Remote Top-Up

If you don’t want to upgrade your plan but need extra data temporarily, you are free to top-up whenever you want. This is a great solution when you suddenly have more guests on board.

Managed Service

With Excelerate’s Cellular Service, our team monitors usage in virtual real-time to ensure you’re getting the best value from your contract. If ever you’re running low on data, you’ll be notified to ensure all critical onboard applications and services stay online. If you need to increase or decrease your plan, this can be done month-to-month. Excelerate’s private network (APN) allows our service to act like a UK SIM enabling access to any location-based service such as BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, and Netflix no matter where you are in the Med.

No Restrictions or Capped Usage

Network operator fair usage policies are standard with other grades of services so, if you exceed a network cap, the speed of your broadband might be reduced significantly without you knowing when or why – which isn’t ideal in the middle of a charter or if the boss and his family are on board. This does not happen with Excelerate’s Cellular Service.

Hassle-Free Installation

Excelerate’s Cellular Service is quick and easy to install, ideal for busy yachts on the move. If you’re considering a 4G service or you want to upgrade an existing plan, you’ll be given expert advice on the best solution for your yacht.