Excelerate Marine provide ultimate choice and flexibility in mobile connectivity, bringing reliability, extended range and better performance to off-shore environments.

From 4G sims (across all networks) and integrated multi-wan solutions for extended coverage, our team can specify, integrate and support network infrastructure for maximum performance.

6 great reasons why you should choose Excelerate’s ExStream Business Grade 4G Service for your on-board communications

Choosing the best 4G deal for on-board your yacht is no easy task, thanks to the sheer amount of options out there. When you’re looking for the best service, the one you choose should be more than just about price. You need a fast and reliable service with support when it matters most. Here’s why you should be considering Excelerate’s new ExStream Business Grade 4G Service.


Excelerate’s 4G Data Sims are Network Accredited and part of an official partnership with the actual network operators such as Vodafone or Orange etc. The cheaper competitor options may not be and as such are liable to be terminated at any time. Imagine explaining this to an owner or guest part way through a cruise!


No longer waste your time (and therefore, your money) searching high and low for suitable sim cards. Our ExStream Business Grade 4G Service allows you to roam on other networks anywhere in Europe. However, unlike consumer sims that may move you to their preferred partner, if that network is suffering from disruption or unavailable, you will be switched to the best available network.


If you don’t want to move up a plan but require additional data temporarily, you can add more at any time. This is especially convenient if you are planning a vacation and will have additional guests on-board.


We monitor usage to ensure that you are getting the best value out of your contract. If you are ever running low on data, you will be notified so that all of your critical on-board applications & services stay online. Should you ever need to increase or decrease your plan, this can be done month-to-month.


Fair usage policies are common with consumer grade services. If you go over a network-defined cap, your broadband speed could be slowed down to something barely usable. This does not happen with our ExStream 4G Business Grade Service.


Our ExStream Business Grade 4G can be installed quickly & easily which is ideal for busy yachts on the move. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing solution or currently have no 4G service on-board, we can advise you on the best solution for your yacht.

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Our mobile routers enable enhanced connectivity across 4G & VSAT services to deliver consistently high speeds.

The bandwidth bonding automatically distributes traffic across similar links, increasing connection stability and utilises all the available bandwidth. You can also scale your bandwidth as you go simply by adding extra 4G/LTE or VSAT at any time. In addition our solution will automatically switch to lower priority connections when primary connections fail.

With persistent session roaming, the bandwidth bonding technology keeps your mobile network up and running wherever 4G & VSAT is available delivering uninterrupted access to data, video, voice & internet – even when individual links go down.