Whilst onboard your yacht, consistent and reliable connectivity can be a challenge. With an ever-changing environment, distance from the coast and changing between available masts and networks, it can be difficult to maintain a constant connection. Even with high-gain antennas, maintaining a suitable internet speed whilst at a distance from the coast and mainland is not easily achievable. Until now.

  • Excell cellular antenna 4g
  • 4G maritime antenna

Region – South Coast of France nearby Cannes and Islands.​

Competition product in a height of 12m on mast – Excell product on temp. installation approx 6m height.​ Test with identical provider and identical SIM.

NM = nautical miles​

The Excell 4G solution adheres to 3GPP and GSM standards meaning there is no additional license required.  Excell combines the benefits of both omni-directional and directional antenna’s into one superior 4G solution. Harnessing the flexibility of the omnidirectional antenna with the power of the directional antenna, the Excell can deliver the best performing 4G connectivity possible.

The antenna ensures the best performance within any cellular network by increasing the distance, speed, and throughput of the connection. Unlike traditional antennas, the modem is in-built, therefore minimises any signal loss caused by traditional antenna installations.