Excell from Shore to Sea – 4G

When it comes to 4G connectivity we all want one thing – a guaranteed connection.

Excell Redefines the 4G Experience – no antenna is equal

Excell is a specialised, electronically steered beam switching antenna that combines the benefits of an omni-directional and directional antenna into ONE.

The solution powers the 4G signal towards the direction of the cellular mast. meaning that users can experience dramatically improved internet connectivity over 4G – increasing the range, speed and throughput.

  • best 4G for yachts

Excell ensures the best performance within any cellular network by optimising the distance, speed and throughput of the connection and can extend 4G range up to 90 Kms from shore.


yacht connectivitySeamless Connectivity

Excell can be installed as a standalone 4G solution or combined with your onboard yacht connectivity network. 

4G antenna for yachtsSmall and Compact

At just 240mm diameter and 270mm in height, the unit is discrete but effective. Excell weighs just 2.5kg, so can be mounted and installed with ease

The Excell 4G solution adheres to 3GPP and GSM standards meaning there is no additional license required.