We are more than a communications provider, we are also a specialist integrator and maintainer of everything concerning yacht technology including Navigation Systems. For more information listen to the interview with long-standing customer Captain Robert Wooldridge and Riviera Radio.

I’m joined by Captain Robert on M/Y Lady Rose, tell me about Excelerate?

I’ve been using Excelerate for years now on board My Lady Rose. We recently had a full navigation suite upgrade and after 15 years, the game has moved on somewhat so now we have a system that’s really user friendly, works great and everyone seems happy with it.

As a captain, it’s obviously important for the owner of the yacht that you come with the best services available. How does Excelerate compare to maybe other people on the market doing the same thing?

We we’re looking at doing the navigation upgrade, we obviously got quotes from different suppliers and contractors, they not only came up with the best price quote but also with the best service. They’re extremely helpful, responded immediately to emails and phone calls. Really couldn’t do enough for us and got the job done on time and on budget. We can’t really ask for more than that.

– and as captain, when you have guests onboard and of course demand is probably higher than when it’s just you and your crew, the system works perfectly?

Ye that’s one of the reasons why we went for the Garmin system with Excelerate is because we’re a private yacht and non-commercial so we don’t have to go with the complicated ECDIS systems that a lot of the larger yachts do. That’s why we chose a user friendly interface because the owner likes to drive the yacht self and it’s like a easy to use as an iPad and he loves it which is one of the big reasons for choosing Excelerate and the garmen system

And the maintenance cost?

Zero so far, we literally only just done the installation, so sea trials have been completed. Everything is working well. So far no issues.