A new name in the yachting industry, however, we have over 18+ years of experience in delivering integrated solutions across multiple markets. We draw from our core background working in government and emergency services sectors, where we have delivered user-focused solutions to customers in markets where reliability and resilience are vital.

As experts in system integration, we work with our customers to develop and deliver state of the art solutions: from connectivity, navigation and bridge systems, to full entertainment systems.

“Excelerate are an innovative company, always looking to improve integration of equipment and provide fresh thinking for old communication issues and create new solutions from the ground up.”

Captain Matthew G. Callaway M/Y Sunseeker 155 Arados

  • Excelerate Z

Our products and solutions are designed with our customers in mind, so whether the user is IT literate or not, our straightforward user interface enables everyone to be able to operate the systems and applications with ease.

Excelerate Marine are more than just a supplier, integrator or provider. Through an innovative and user-focused approach, we enable our customers the ease, freedom and security to connect to data wherever and whenever.